June 3, 2020

Dear Salt River Intergroup Community:

First, the SRI Steering Committee wants to extend our thanks for your continued support of SRI Steering Committee and SRI Central Office. 2020 has been an interesting and challenging year. We’ve been pushed to be creative, proactive and strategically focused in order to ensure our ability to carry the message to alcoholics. Who knew ZOOM meetings would become such a vital lifeline for our recovery? Who knew COVID-19 would cause so many of our recovery gatherings to be cancelled? Absolutely amazing! Yes, we have collectively been “tested” about GOING TO ANY LENGTH!!!

As has become our practice, the SRI Steering Committee wants to continue to provide transparency to our SRI Intergroup Community. Thus, the following information is being provided:

• SRI Steering Committee heard your concerns about COVID and not wanting to participate in social gatherings. As a result, we requested our 2020 Summer Round-up be vacated. As of June 1, we have received confirmation from our attorney, after discussions with the DoubleTree Resort By Hilton Hotel Paradise Valley Scottsdale, the 31st SRI Summer Round-up has been cancelled WITHOUT financial penalty! The written communication “confirmed that our contract is unconditionally cancelled.”

• As of June 2nd, we have submitted a written request to the Resort asking for the 2nd weekend in August (August 13-15, 2021) for our 31st Annual SRI Summer Round-up. SAVE THE DATE!!!!

• The SRI Steering Committee wishes to thank Les R. and the 2020 Summer Round-up Committee for their hard work and dedication in planning done so far. Les and the 2020 Summer Round-up Event Committee will continue in their current roles for 2021.

• The SRI Steering Committee continues to conduct business, as usual, via ZOOM. Our focus is on ensuring the doors of Central Office remain opened and that we can effectively continue carrying the message to alcoholics. Finances are being monitored and adjustments made to keep us financially solvent. As you recall, during COVID-19, Central Office was closed due to the Governor’s Executive Order. As a result, we have lost approximately 75% from sales income. This, combined with the income lost from not having a 2020 Summer Round-up, WILL make 2020 a very financially tight year. Simply put, WE NEED YOUR INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP CONTRIBUTIONS NOW!!! WE NEED YOU/GROUPS TO PURCHASE ITEMS FROM CENTRAL OFFICE!

• While SRI Central Office qualified for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), both the SRI Steering Committee and SRI Intergroup voted against keeping these funds. We voted to continue within our Bylaws, GSO Guidelines and AA Traditions.

• As GROUPS are shifting from ZOOM meetings back to in-person meetings, we request you update SRI Central Office on your meeting status. We want to continue to provide correct information on the SRI Website. To update your meeting information, please email suspend@aaphx.org

• SRI Central Office will remain open for business Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm. At this time, due to continued COVID concerns, we will request customers please wear face masks and practice social distancing.

• June Intergroup Meeting will be conducted by ZOOM. As we prepare for the 2020 Elections of Steering Committee (November), it is vital Groups participate in 3 of the 6-month Intergroup Meetings in order to qualify to vote in this election. To prepare for this, we ask each Intergroup Representative sign into the Zoom meeting by first name AND Group Name. This will allow us verification of attendance. If you are an Alternate, please list that as well so that we can separate if both the Intergroup Rep and Alternate are present and only count one. Central Office will be emailing out our Business Meeting Agenda, materials and sign-in information.

Finally, on behalf of the SRI Steering Committee and Central Office, we extend our thanks and appreciation for all that you are doing to support SRI. We value our relationships with you and our membership. We embrace the power of our fellowship and gifts of our recovery!

In love and service,
Robbin B
SRI Steering Committee Chairperson