An Intergroup or Central Office is established to carry out functions common to A.A. groups and is maintained, supervised, and supported by these groups. It exists to aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers. (G.S.O. A.A. Guidelines for Intergroups, 1999)

Maricopa County, Arizona is host to more than 500 Alcoholics Anonymous groups that hold more than 1600 meetings each week. SRI, one of four local Intergroups (see “Intergroup Membership“), operates a Central Office in cooperation with about 350 of those groups which are located primarily in Phoenix or Scottsdale.

Salt River Intergroup
3215 East Thunderbird Road
Phoenix, AZ 85032
(602) 264-1374 (office)
(602) 264-1341 (24 hour Help Line)

The Central Office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mon. through Fri., except Holidays. A manager and assistant operate the Office.

Financial Support – Salt River Intergroup is self-supporting primarily through contributions made by its member groups. There is additional income from the Special Events and from the sale of A.A. Conference-approved literature and other recovery items at the Central Office.

As an expression of the unity of SRI’s member groups, the Office provides the following services when it is open:

  • Answering the A.A. hotline, handling inquiries and contacting local 12th Step volunteers when outreach to a suffering alcoholic is needed.

  • Carrying inventory and selling a selection of conference approved and other recovery literature.

  • Displaying information for A.A. and other closely related events.

  • Producing and distributing the Phoenix Valleywide Meeting List.

Standing Committees

Steering Committee – Provides direction and sets policy for Central Office and the Standing and Special Event Committees.

PI/CPC – Public Information / Cooperation with the Professional Community – Participates in health fairs, provides speakers and carries the A.A. message to the public. Serves as SRI’s contact point with various media outlets. Also works with legal and other professionals who might not view A.A. correctly when referring drinkers.

TAS – Telephone Answering Service – Provides volunteers to answer SRI’s Hotline from their home after hours. Approximately 60 volunteers cover 100+ phone shifts per month.

Hot Line / Office Volunteers – Provides approximately 30 volunteers to answer SRI’s hotline at Central Office in three-hour shifts, Mon. through Fri. and Sat. Also provides general help volunteers.

Twelfth Step List – Seeks out A.A. members in various geographical areas, maintains and distributes a list of volunteers’ names and numbers. People answering the hotline contact those on the list and connect “the alcoholic who still suffers” with a sober member of A.A.

Newsletter – The Filing Cabinet is the newsletter of Salt River Intergroup and a great tool in carrying the message to the fellowship. Subscription rates are available for individuals (sent U.S. mail) and for groups (distributed at the monthly business meeting of the Intergroup). The Filing Cabinet contains interesting articles focusing on A.A. recovery and information about events, both local and national.