Practical experience shows that nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking as intensive work with other alcoholics. It works when other activities fail. This is our twelfth suggestion: Carry this message to other alcoholics! (Page 89, Alcoholics Anonymous)
To get your name on the 12 step list fill out the Sign Up for Service form and check the 12 Step List box under the Select a Service Opportunity.

There are a number of ways to get into service. There are service committees like the ones listed below as well as answering the help line either at the Central Office or from your home. There are also the event committees which always need help for the planning of the event and helping out at the event.

To volunteer at the Central Office you can fill out our Sign Up for Service form.

SRI Central Office – Open Service Positions

  • Telephone Answering Service
  • Assemble Meeting Lists

Archives Committee

The archives committee is in place to chronicle the history of AA in the valley. Learn more…

Hospitals & Institutions (H&I)

Get involved in 12th-step work with confined alcoholics. Learn more…

Public Information / Cooperation with the Professional Community (PI/CPC)

  • Literature distribution
  • Chairperson – Courts & Treatment Centers learn more…

After Hours Telephone Answering Servic (TAS)

Provides volunteers to answer SRI’s Hotline from their home after hours. Learn more…

Special Needs Accessibility Committee (SNAC)

Provides meetings to those with special needs. Learn more…

General Service (Area 03)

Arizona is in Area 03 with Maricopa County in District 8. Learn more…